Jamila Wellness LLC presents The Forever Brunch™, a mother-daughter appreciation event, from the perspective of the adult daughter. This event is for women to honor their mothers and/or mother-figures in a loving setting.

Very often, we daughters become adults and begin pouring into a younger girl/woman. This event is a special time set aside to honor those women that poured into us so selflessly.

The visionary behind The Forever Brunch™, Naturally Cinnamon, prayed and asked God for guidance in how to help two of her friends connect with their mothers, even as they raise their own daughters. In a dream a few days later, He showed her having brunch with her friends and their mothers. That was 6 people. The first Forever Brunch™ opened to others in 2015, with 29 women in attendance. Join us as The Forever Brunch™ continues to grow!