Harriet S. Anderson Heritage Award

“When someone you love becomes a memory,

the memory becomes a treasure.”

Many of us have memories of learning, laughing and loving with our mothers and grandmothers. Those were the times that we learned that secret ingredient in that pound cake or the right way to hold the fabric to make the blind stitch so no one would ever know you split your skirt trying to get in the truck or you may have learned the special phrase or song to help get you through the rough times. For many the mother or grandmother with whom you made those memories has become memory, but she has left her mark in you and on you. And through you, her life and love continues to impact others.

The Harriet S. Anderson Heritage Award is named in honor of the maternal grandmother of Cinnamon Key, founder and CEO of Jamila Wellness LLC. “Grandma Hattie’s” incredible talent for encouraging, mentoring and pushing young women forward launched many into realizing their uniqueness and fostering their leadership roles in their homes, their churches, and their communities. Her influence passed down through her daughter to her granddaughter and is visible in the mission and actions of Jamila Wellness. With that in mind, The Forever Brunch of Jamila Wellness is privileged to provide women an opportunity to showcase the impact in their present lives of their mothers/grandmothers who have passed on with the presentation of the Harriet S. Anderson Heritage Award.

This award is presented annually.

To have your loved one honored as a recipient of this legacy award, please complete the following steps:

  1. Send an email to info@jamilawellness.org. This email needs to have two (2) things:

    • Email two paragraphs telling the legacy that your loved one (who has passed on) has left behind. This legacy should be one that has been handed down through at least one generation, and is being used to motivate, encourage, and influence other young women.

    • Please include a photo of your loved one in your email.

  2. Pay the $10 nomination fee here.

The chosen recipient of the Harriet S. Anderson Heritage Award will receive one free ticket to The I Am A 5-Star Woman Retreat, where they will be presented for honoring their loved one!

HSAHA Recipients

Dr. KeJuana Carpenter

2018 Recipient

in honor of her great-grandmother

Mrs. Marie Clayton