Jamila Ladies™ is a program created to help adolescent-aged girls transition into young adulthood. The program is written with care and dedication to providing young ladies with a safe space to grow, bond, cry, laugh, and understand how to navigate some of the trials of pre-adulthood. Jamila Ladies™ offers these young ladies the continuous opportunities to learn more about themselves, how to understand others, and what it means to be a Jamila Lady™.


Jamila Ladies™, a behavior-modification program, is designed for girls, ages 10-18, that may exhibit any of the following signs or symptoms:

•    Aggressive behavior

•    Disruptive behavior

•    Substance abuse

•    Depression, or depressive behavior

•    Withdrawal

•    Low self-esteem


This program uses client-centered therapy, also known as person-centered therapy.

The next cohort start date: TBA