Do Affirmations Work?

In October 2014, I read an article entitled "Stop Being So Positive". When I saw the title, I had to stop what I was doing to read it. I thought it was going to be one of those articles bashing positive thinking and affirmations. Although the writer did state that positive affirmations did nothing to improve life, I found myself agreeing with much of the article.

"But how can you agree when you post positive affirmations?"

I hear you. And I have an answer. We use affirmations with the effort of increasing the readers' positivity level. However, my clients are the ones who get the deeper appreciation for them. I work with my clients, both with counseling and coaching, to develop a plan for them that they can apply to tackle whatever life situation brought them to me. The majority of them, in our first couple of sessions, begin to realize that if they want to improve anything then they need to believe that they can! Otherwise, regardless of the plan we set, they will lack the motivation to take the necessary steps.

Positive affirmations are a method of practicing positive thinking. They, in no way, are meant to be used as a "magic spell." I believe that this was the purpose of the article. Some people think that, by reciting certain affirmations, certain situations will suddenly change. Actually, what changed might have been their perceptions. But to use positive affirmations as theonly method toward resolutions is indeed ineffective.

Positive affirmations + a targeted plan = a much better chance of positive outcomes!

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