Step Out of Your Shadow, and Into Your Greatness!

I've learned that when people in your life begin to push and challenge you, it's because they see greatness in you. They want to see your living in your greatness, instead of living in your own shadow. They love you, and they think you're worthy of it. When you resist, you're signaling to them (and to the world) that you don't think you're worthy of living in your greatness. That you'd rather stay in your shadow.

But didn't you know that your shadow can only exist when light is shining on you? And, no matter the size of your shadow, it can only do what you command of it! So why are you allowing It to govern YOU?!

Stepping out of your shadow is scary. It causes anxiety and uncertainty. That's because it's something different than whatever you've been doing. But, that's when greatness breaks through!

You ARE worth it!

Naturally, Cinnamon

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