The Trinity - Mental, Physical, and Spiritual Health

Have you ever thought about how our being is so in tune with itself? Ever get emotionally upset about something and realize that you can't eat? Can't sleep? Can't focus? Have you ever felt so low that you couldn't pray? Gasp! Our being is so intricate and intertwined that one aspect almost always affects another part, either negatively or positively. For instance, those moments when you are upset and you are able to find calm by reaching into your spiritual self to find that inner peace that lets you know that things will be ok. Or, how about those times when you are physically ill and soon start feeling the symptoms of depression because you aren't able to do your normal activity, or your physical body is in chronic pain, or your body image has changed? Have you ever asked "where is God?" "Why is He letting these things happen to me?" Have these questions lead to feelings of loneliness, anger, fear?

Once we realize how much the trinity of mental, spiritual, and physical health interact with each other, we gain the ability to reign in our reactions to circumstances. Our reactions to circumstances are what determine our level of balance between the trinity. That imbalance is what leads to that feeling of running on the hamster wheel, with no option to get off.

Today starts a new day full of options. You have the option to stop the wheel, to get off, to put on the wheel what you please, to leave behind baggage that has been weighing your spirit down. Today you have options, so now consider what changes that need to be made in each part of the trinity. Regarding your mental health, do you take time for yourself, have you sought treatment for the depression you have been denying? How about your physical health? Are you exercising or mindful of your healthy living habits? Spiritually, are you feeding yourself positivity? Are you reaching out to those that encourage and empower you?

Go forth and remember that you have choices!

Samantha Edu, MS, DCC, LPC

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