Make Time to Go Inward

These days, there are tons of things that keep us focused externally. Social media, tv shows, and advertisements keep us hooked on external reality. We’re either comparing ourselves to the carefully constructed snippets of other people’s lives or we become overly engaged in other people’s choices. Just think about how much time is spent focused on other people’s business. If you ever doubt how valuable your attention is, consider how much money companies spend vying for it.

Such habits leave us drained and decrease the amount of time we have for meditation and silent sitting. Your attention and focus are the fuel for your creative power. What you focus on literally shapes your life and impacts your state of consciousness.

Lately, I’ve been feeling nudged to turn down all the external noise and spend more time listening to the wisdom within. It’s when I’m quiet that I hear more clearly. Going inward is valuable because it helps me tune in to the whispers of my soul. The greatest guidance comes from these moments. In silence, clarity is in abundance.

I find that when I’m feeling overwhelmed or scattered, such feelings are a call to awareness or an invitation to go inward. Going inward is where you may just find the very thing you have always been looking for.

Contributed by: Candace Thoth

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