The Inner Implosion

We have all seen an explosion either something small in person or those really major ones that you see in the movies. We know that an explosion can destroy people and places for miles. From what you have seen on television about an explosion, what does a person do when they think an explosion is about to happen? They run and duck or cover themselves for protection.

Now that you have that visual in your mind, let’s talk about an implosion. On a daily basis, I witness clients that appear to be imploding with negative emotions, hurt, and unresolved pain from childhood abuse, relationships, employment, etc. In I see these clients and observe 3 things: 1. Physical discomfort: Please understand that our body is made to connect to every facet of itself. Our mental health directly affects our physical health. Although, I am observing the outside features of the implosion, clients report having an increase in inexplicable physical pain. 2. Anger: This does not apply to every client in the process of imploding but most. There are times when a person does not know what to do with this thing getting larger inside of them. I ask myself often, “how much emotional pain can a person’s body actually hold?” It must get out in some way. So often it does not pour out but it seeps out through irritability, lashing out at others, blaming, depression, isolation. 3. Self-hate: Referring back to the question of how much emotional pain a person can hold: If there is an implosion of negativity, how does someone find the positive? Clients going through this process have shown to have a difficult time finding positive aspects of them from the inside out. The world around them becomes a negative bubble even when it may be a positive atmosphere. The client mentally creates a negative bubble increasing isolation, negative self-talk and detrimental behaviors. The most effective way for a client to counteract this implosion of negativity is to learn healthy ways of communicating, or expressing, those negative emotions. These implosions don’t usually happen immediately. It is a slow build-up built from lack of boundaries in relationships, low self-esteem, abuse, etc. In this day and age, people are hurting so badly and these implosions are affecting so many others outside of the person. As a counselor, I implore every person that feels they may be full of negative emotions and hurting to understand that help is available. There are people out there who believe that your pain is real and that together you two can both handle it. That you can get through these situations. People are out there that believe that you can forgive, you can move, that you are greater than your past!

Samantha Edu, LPC

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