Let's Talk About Happiness

Happiness is only elusive when we have forgotten who we are. When we reconnect with our true essence and realize who we are at our cores, genuine happiness floods into our experience. Our purpose is to enjoy our lives through authentic self-expression.

Fortunately, negative emotions support our happiness as well. They let us know when we have strayed away from our true nature. Negative emotions are indicators that we are not listening to our truth. While they feel uncomfortable, they are great blessings to us on our life journeys and can lead us back to happiness and truth if we allow them. Don’t shun or run from negative emotions, appreciate their presence, for without them, it is unlikely that we would recognize when we are deviating from our truth.

Ultimately, the key to happiness is to listen to yourself. You know what you need and you know what is best for you. Make it a priority to notice your current state of mind and be in tune with yourself. Through this alignment with your authentic self, you are fulfilled.

Happiness is not a mystery, it is right here, right now; it is you.

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