5 Ways to Finding a Therapist

September 24, 2018

Five Different Ways to Find a Therapist

Every lady should build a relationship with a therapist. Let's discuss how to find one! This may seem obvious to some but it is one of my most asked questions.


1. Call Your Insurance Company

A great place to start for those with private insurance (BCBS, AETNA, Humana, CIGNA, etc.) is with the insurance company. Most insurance plans cover Behavioral Health and will provide a list of providers in your area. The insurance company will not call you to say "hey, I know you are struggling, let me tell you what's covered!" There's a number on the back of your insurance card.


2. Community Service Boards

Most states have a Community Service Board that covers a few counties. It may be called something different in each state. These centers offer sliding scale rates based on income. So, no income, no fee. The services cover outpatient mental health and substance abuse services.

Editor's Note: In Miami, Florida, you can look into the Switchboard of Miami.


3. Word of Mouth

Ask somebody! Since we are creating a culture normalizing having a therapist, we are creating a safe space for people to say, "girl I'm looking for a therapist. You know a good one?!"


4. Social Media

Yes to the social media!! There are some amazing therapists out here in these social media streets creating hashtags right at this moment to make themselves easily searchable! Once you find one, get in their DMs or however they say connect with them, DO YOUR RESEARCH ON THEM, & schedule a consultation! Schedule that consultation before spilling all your tea to test the fit.


5. Ask a Therapist!

Other therapists may make themselves available to answer any and all questions about your hesitation to find a therapist, how to find one, and set up an online consultation to see if you might make a good fit!



Samantha Edu, LPC

For more blogs from Samantha, click here.

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5 Ways to Finding a Therapist

September 24, 2018

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