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I thank God for placing Jamila Wellness in my life. my therapist has truly helped me get through a very difficult time in my personal life. Even though it's a long road ahead of me, she placed me in a position where I can accept the difficult time and move forward with a positive attitude each day.

"Donna", Individual Counseling

Miami, FL

I truly appreciate Jamila Wellness, and our therapist's approach in helping to resolve our family issues during our time of crisis. When uncertainty lingers, it is hard to find clarity; our therapist was that clarity for us and I will be grateful forever!

"Anne", Family Counseling

Atlanta, GA

Cinnamon from Jamila Wellness LLC was warm, inviting, and knowledgeable. She did her best to give me tips and activities that I could apply to my life. I would definitely register for another session with her. Next time, I'll bring my friends and family with me! She gets an 'A'!

participant, "Moving Into Your Healing" Wellness Class, July 2014

Augusta, GA

I partnered with Jamila Wellness and the Love Movement Miami-Dade for a community Block Party event. Ms. Key arrived early and brought her team of volunteers that worked unselfishly! I thank her so much! My prayers are that God blesses her and them tremendously!

A. Jordan

South Miami, FL

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